Regione Piemonte

Roatto Castle

Address: Piazza Piemonte, 13, 14018 Roatto AT, Italia
Tel: 0141 938114

Today, the castle is deeply transformed: with a massive and robust appearance, it is characterized by a semi-cylindrical tower that partially protrudes from a minor building, perhaps obtained from a part of the original complex.

Surrounded by a small park with tall trees, there is no lack of charm, undoubtedly favored by the picturesque hillside location.

It was built in the period unspecified by the Montafia, descendants of the Count of Vercelli, Manfredo, lords of Roatto, Maretto, Tigliole, Montafia and other places.

The coat of arms of the Marchesi Raggi di Genova, current owners, is painted on the portal of the manor.

Availability: private property | not open to visitors


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