Regione Piemonte

Church of SS. Michele e Radegonda

Address: Piazza Piemonte, 14018 Roatto AT, Italia

Parish church built in the nineteenth century.

It was erected on the site of an ancient church that already existed in the sixteenth century.

The baroque bell tower of 1674 is particularly valuable.

The Parish Church of SS. Michele e Radegonda dates back to the nineteenth century and was built on the foundation of the previous one, of ancient foundation.

It is in fact known that the ancient church, probably erected by the Montafia family, already existed in 1570-71, as can be seen from the apostolic visit of Monsignor Della Rovere, bishop of Asti.

At that time the priest usually resided in Maretto, but in 1661 Roatto established himself in the parish with the prior title.

The event favored, just a year later, the construction of the new church, carried out under the direction of the master builder Carlo Luigi Vanello, Lugano, of which today, with the 1888 settlement, only the beautiful baroque bell tower remains (1674).

Still, in situ, leaning against the back wall of the right aisle, is the wooden altarpiece of the Most Holy Rosary surrounded by fifteen Mysteries painted on wood; from an inscription on the moulding we learn that it was performed in 1682.

At the center of the carved altarpiece, within a niche, is still the statue of S. Radegonda, datable to the following century.

Not so lucky was the altarpiece of the Madonna della Cintura with S. Giorgio, sold by the parish priest of the time, Don Giuseppe Negro, promoter of the new church.

In the early twentieth century the latest furnishings were commissioned (including the organ of the Gandini company of Varese, the baptismal font, the marble altar of the Rosary) and between 1944 and 1945 were decorated vaults and walls by Nino Parlato di Racconigi and from Piero Dalle Ceste of Turin.